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Who is Paul Dunki Jacobs?

Paul, that's me ... a project maker and sometimes a songwriter, a sculptor and a painter and recently a writer.

There is more to tell, but we'll get there when we meet.

I look forward to that moment ... but ... will we actually meet?
The odds are 50/50 ... either we meet, or we don't.

What time shall we meet, if we meet at all? And where?
Ah, now we've entered the realm of a 'trillion possibilities'. 
Quantum physics.

I guess we should simply agree on one thing: let's meet somewhere on the corner of solar and milky. 
The best thing would be to do this during this lifetime ... say around 3 pm.

I'll be there.
Will you?

c u when i c u


I was born on the 27th of October of the great year of 1952 in Indonesia (one's education starts from the moment of one's birth). 
When I reached the "mature age" of one whole year, my father and mother moved back to The Netherlands ... relax ... they took me with them.

HBS-b (Highschool) somewehere in the 60's-70's in Coevorden, The Netherlands.

BSc Tropical Agriculture 1973-1977, in Deventer, The Netherlands.

In 1977 I travelled to Colombia where I worked for 12 years in agriculture (cotton, tobacco, flowers), doing stuff like research, sales and extension.

In 1989 I returned to The Netherlands, where I worked for a Horticulture Training Facility until 2000, teaching crop protection and greenhouse climate control.

During all these years I read many books and followed several courses on 'understanding life'...and I must say that I found many answers. 

I also learned (we are still talking education here) a great many things from my two wonderful (ex) wives and my three fantastic children, as well as my friends. The only enemy I have is me...but I am starting to like him. 

In 2000 I quit my job because I felt it was time for me to do what I wanted in life' (instead of the other way around). 

From that moment on I dedicated my time and energy to sculpturing (bronze), songwriting, writing books and painting. Very educational, I can asure you. 
It all started at a foundry, where I helped out for several years and where I learned the skills of casting, mould making etc. During these marvelous years I made many sculptures. It was a great time

I picked up songwriting, bookwriting and painting as I went along.  

In 2008 I started working seriously on the preparations of my Tero Lumoj project (creating art through telepathy between byer and artist), that actually started in March 2009. I am sure I will learn many things from this project and the people involved. 

As you read this sentence we are beyond 2009 and I can tell you that Tero Lumoj did not really work. Apart from a pilot project that was met with much enthusiasm from the participants I wasn't able to make it work in the real world. It's not that the world wasn't ready, it was that I wasn't ready. What I learned was that I shouldn't do things when my heart tells me that the times are not ripe. This was a helpful insight. 

Between 2009 and 2018 (where I am now), I wrote some 12 books. The total amount of copies sold is just under a hundred. But I don't mind. I enjoyed the writing like nothing else. As life went on my body of work in bronze and paintings steadily grew, as did I. Not that I gained weight, but spiritually. I think I am finally beginning to understand life, which, as it turns out, is an amazingly simple exercise.  

With love, Paul